I’m Robin, a landscape designer, dedicated to creating beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces to complement and enrich your family’s unique lifestyle.

Welcome to
Vision Garden Design

My Mission

is to create naturally beautiful and inviting outdoor places where you can experience playful family moments, restful intermissions of solitude, and deeper connections to the natural world – all while staying home.

I want you to have a place where you can...

Host an impromptu summer brunch

Get compliments from your neighbors (and complete strangers!) about how great your garden looks

See your kids or grandkids play outside like you used to

Delight in a visiting hummingbird

My own deep personal connection to nature – and an unconventional career path.
I have been trying to protect the environment and conserve natural resources throughout my entire professional life – first as a Recycling Coordinator, then as an Environmental Attorney, and now as a Landscape Designer.

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What fuels my passion to help you create a beautiful garden?